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DRBF Forum Optimizing Use of Partnering and DRBs User Experiences Part 2 2013DRBF Papers, ForumKurt L. Dettman01/25/2023Partneringdrbf-papers forumpartneringkurt-dettman
DRBF Forum Optimizing the Use of Partnering and DRBs Part 1 2013DRBF Papers, ForumKurt L. Dettman01/25/2023Partneringdrbf-papers forumpartneringkurt-dettman
AACE Dispute Board LATAM Awareness Program January 11 Video Replay2023 Dispute Board LATAM Awareness Program Series01/13/2023AACE, Webinaryoutu.be/KYg6fAEtL08aace webinar
Swedish Construction SectorThe Hague Regional Conference, December 2022Conferences, Presentations01/12/2023TheHague22conferences presentationsthehague22
Maritime Legal Environment & Use of DABsThe Hague Regional Conference, December 2022Conferences, Presentations01/12/2023TheHague22conferences presentationsthehague22
The Belgian Way: Applying Dispute Boards and Other ADR Techniques for Belgian Construction ProjectsThe Hague Regional Conference, December 2022Conferences, Presentations01/12/2023TheHague22conferences presentationsthehague22
Alternative Dispute Resolution for Sustainability Project – A Finnish ViewThe Hague Regional Conference, December 2022Conferences, Presentations01/12/2023TheHague22conferences presentationsthehague22
A View from Above – Learning from DBs in the NordicsThe Hague Regional Conference, December 2022Conferences, Presentations01/12/2023TheHague22conferences presentationsthehague22
Study of the effective use of Dispute Review Boards on PPP (P3) Infrastructure Projects in the USAThe Hague Regional Conference, December 2022Conferences, Presentations01/12/2023TheHague22conferences presentationsthehague22
Dispute Board for Nuclear ProjectsThe Hague Regional Conference, December 2022Conferences, Presentations01/12/2023TheHague22conferences presentationsthehague22
No More Delays – DBs in Airport ConstructionThe Hague Regional Conference, December 2022Conferences, Presentations01/12/2023TheHague22conferences presentationsthehague22
Announcement of Offshore wind Task Force slides from 08.2022ppt. slides from August 2022, this webinar was not recorded 01/09/2023DRBF Insights, Sustainabilitydrbf-insights sustainability
Managing Disputes on Onshore Wind Projects slides from 4.2022ppt. slides from April 2022Presentations01/09/2023DRBF Insights, Sustainabilitypresentationsdrbf-insights sustainability
Renewables and DBs slides from 5.2022ppt. slides from May 2022 Presentations01/09/2023DRBF Insights, Sustainabilitypresentationsdrbf-insights sustainability
DRBF Insights: Renewables & DBs – video link from 05.2022video replay from 05.2022Videos01/09/2023DRBF Insights, Sustainabilitywww.youtube.com/watch?v=FDiagXiNmBUvideosdrbf-insights sustainability
WFO: DRBF Offshore & DBs slides from 02.2022ppt. slides from February 2022 Presentations01/09/2023DRBF Insights, Sustainabilitypresentationsdrbf-insights sustainability
WFO/ DRBF Offshore contracts slides from 11.2022ppt. slides from November 2022 Presentations01/09/2023DRBF Insights, Sustainabilitypresentationsdrbf-insights sustainability
NEC dispute resolution provisionsCES / Construction Law Review 2022 – 2023General ArticleClaire King, Nicholas Gould10/06/2022Construction Lawgeneralconstruction-lawclaire-king nicholas-gould
Women’s DRBF Leadership Webinar: Dispute Board Appointments – video replayVideos09/23/2022DRBF Women, Webinaryoutu.be/bIhHcnxuTC0videosdrbf-women webinar
Dispute boards en Latinoamérica: Experiencias y retos Volumen 23 Biblioteca de Arbitraje del Estudio Mario Castillo FrEyrEGeneral ArticleRoberto Hernández García09/23/2022Latinamerica, Region 4generallatinamerica region-4roberto-hernandez-garcia
DRBF Connections: Tips for an effective kick-off meetingMember-only webinar VideosDon Irwin, Elizabeth Tippin08/09/2022DRBF Connections, Webinaryoutu.be/SBb9XJNijWAvideosdrbf-connections webinardon-irwin elizabeth-tippin
Using dispute boards to avoid and resolve construction disputesGeneral ArticleCharles Blaire-Brown, Sofia Parra07/14/2022Charles Blamire-Brown, Construction Disputes, Sofia Parrageneralcharles-blamire-brown construction-disputes sofia-parracharles-blaire-brown sofia-parra
DRBF Insights: Liabilities of DBs and DB MembersVideo recording from 07 July 2022 Videos07/07/2022DRBF Insights, Webinaryoutu.be/RL0Utw8p6zIvideosdrbf-insights webinar
DRBF BylawsUpdated June 2022GovernanceDRBF07/02/2022Bylawsgovernancebylawsdrbf-author
DRBF Annual General Meeting & 2021 Financial Report – PresentationPresentation from 02 June 2022 AGM & Financial Report Governance, Presentations06/03/2022AGM, Annual General Meeting, Financial Report 2021governance presentationsagm annual-general-meeting financial-report-2021
DRBF Annual General Meeting & 2021 Financial Report02 June 2022 Session Two 22UTC Governance, Videos06/03/2022AGM, Annual General Meeting, Financial Report 2021youtu.be/mEraMVOapZsgovernance videosagm annual-general-meeting financial-report-2021
DRBF Annual General Meeting & 2021 Financial Report02 June 2022 Session One 15 UTC Governance, Videos06/03/2022AGM, Annual General Meeting, Financial Report 2021youtu.be/xGcw3cIPem4governance videosagm annual-general-meeting financial-report-2021
Is a DAB Member Appointment Enforceable if One/Both Parties Do(es) Not Sign a Dispute Adjudication Agreement in Connection with FIDIC Contracts?A commended paper in the Booking Prize 2017General ArticleLaura Lintott05/25/2022Australia, Laura Lintott, Society of Construction Lawgeneralaustralia laura-lintott society-of-construction-lawlaura-lintott
Better dispute resolution for PPPsGeneral Article05/04/2022Dominic Mueller, Owen Hayford, Public Private Partnership/PPP/P3generaldominic-mueller owen-hayford ppp-p3
Dispute Boards in the Sustainability Sector: Onshore Wind – video link from 04.2022Videos04/22/2022DRBF Insights, Sustainability, Webinaryoutu.be/3ObYmdijr-Yvideosdrbf-insights sustainability webinar
DRBF Webinar: Standard de la preuve en Comité de Règlement des Différends et bon sensVideos04/22/2022DBs in France, French, Webinaryoutu.be/VoSkzIv4hskvideosdbs-in-france french webinar
DRBF Webinar: DBs in the Nordics – Finnish RoundtableVideos04/22/2022DBs in the Nordics, Webinaryoutu.be/UVLTHI-UJaIvideosdbs-in-the-nordics webinar
DRBF Press Release – Region 4Espanol press release 03/30/2022Region 4region-4
DRBF Press Release – Region 4Portuguese press release 03/30/2022Region 4region-4
DRBF Press Release – Region 4english press release General Article03/30/2022Region 4generalregion-4
DRBF Webinar | DBs in the Nordics – The Swedish RoundtableThe Swedish Roundtable Videos03/18/2022DBs in the Nordicsyoutu.be/8lp8D5dno10videosdbs-in-the-nordics
Singpore Infrastructure Dispute Management ProtocolA COMPREHENSIVE DISPUTE MANAGEMENT TOOL 2018 General Article03/18/2022Dispute Management, Singaporegeneraldispute-management singapore
Los Paneles Resolucion de Disputas (DRB) FEMCICDispute Resolution Panels (DRB) FEMCICVideosOscar A. Cortés03/18/2022Dispute Boards, FEMCIClnkd.in/dTXwKj6Dvideosdispute-boards femcicoscar-a-cortes
DRBF Connections: The Case for Dispute Boards in Central Eastern Europepowerpoint presentation form 17 February 2022 webinar Presentations02/22/2022DRBF Connetionspresentationsdrbf-connetions
DRBF Connections: The Case for Dispute Boards in Central Eastern Europevideo from 17 February 2022 Videos02/22/2022DRBF Connectionsyoutu.be/snyiGKRrJk8videosdrbf-connections
DRBF Webinar: DBs in the Nordicsvideo from 10 February 2022 webinar Videos02/10/2022DBs in the Nordicsyoutu.be/ZgpIYsvl9Ogvideosdbs-in-the-nordics
DRBF insights: Dispute Boards in the Sustainability Sector – slides from 02.2022Powerpoint pdf. from DRBF Insights 10 February 2022 webinar Presentations02/10/2022DRBF Insights, Sustainabilitypresentationsdrbf-insights sustainability
DRBF insights: Dispute Boards in the Sustainability Sector – video link from 02.2022webinar video from 10 February 2022Videos02/10/2022DRBF Insights, Sustainabilityyoutu.be/ACCvbS6a2iovideosdrbf-insights sustainability
Operating ProceduresModel documents prepared by Region 1 primarily for application in US and CanadaModel Documents02/07/2022model-documents
Time for Australia to embrace Dispute Resolution Boards?22 June 2021 Corrs Chambers Westgarth General ArticleAndrew Stephenson, Lucy Goldsmith01/27/2022Andrew Stephenson, Australia, Dispute Boards, Lucy Goldsmithgeneralandrew-stephenson australia dispute-boards lucy-goldsmithandrew-stephenson lucy-goldsmith
DRBF Connections: Lessons Learnt (and way forward) from MDB-financed projectsvideo replay from 20 January 2022 Videos01/24/2022DRBF Connections, Region 2www.youtube.com/watch?v=lxQaojkyNPYvideosdrbf-connections region-2
Dispute Board e Avaliação Neutra: Mecanismos para prevenção e solução de disputas em contratos de constuçãoThis article presents the Dispute Board DB and the Neutral Appraisal, which are modern mechanisms applied by experts engineers to avoid and solve disputes in construction contracts, in a shorter period, in an impartial and neutral way, in a collaborative environment by the Parties.General ArticleLuis Otavio Rosa01/19/2022Luis Otavio Rosa, Portuguesegeneralluis-otavio-rosa portugueseluis-otavio-rosa
Os dispute boards no Brasil: evolução histórica, a prática e perspectivas futurasGeneral ArticleAugusto Figueiredo01/19/2022Augusto Figueiredo, Portuguesegeneralaugusto-figueiredo portugueseaugusto-figueiredo
DRBF Webinar | DBs in the Nordicsvideo recording from 13 January 2022 Videos01/17/2022DBs in the Nordicsyoutu.be/Q4AeS6mwKisvideosdbs-in-the-nordics
DRBF Connections: Power of Arbitrators v. Power of DB Membersvideo recording form 13 January 2022Videos01/17/2022DRBF Connections, Region 2youtu.be/gsJlbGSiA3Ivideosdrbf-connections region-2
Clauses de forclusion dans les contrats de construction : Interprétation par les juridictions étatiques et conséquences pratiques pour les adjudicateursppt. presentation PresentationsYann Schneller12/21/2021DRBF Connections, DRBF France Connection Seriespresentationsdrbf-connections drbf-france-connection-seriesyann-schneller
DRBF Connections – Mock DAAB 2017 – video link2021 DRBF Connections – Mock DAAB 2017 Videos12/20/2021DRBF Connections, Mock DAAB 2017youtu.be/79Tm6qc4Iewvideosdrbf-connections mock-daab-2017
2021 Fireside Chat with DRBF LeadershipVideos12/16/2021leadershipyoutu.be/h2rP7OzraUkvideosleadership
Série DRBF – Connexions: Clauses de forclusion dans les contrats de construction : interprétation par les juridictions étatiques et conséquences pratiques pour les adjudicateurs9 December webinar replay link VideosYann Schneller12/09/2021DRBF France Connection Seriesyoutu.be/OlqUTJ3LpFovideosdrbf-france-connection-seriesyann-schneller
Dispute Board e Avaliação Neutra: Mecanismos para prevenção e solução de disputas em contratos de construçãoThis article presents the Dispute Board DB and the Neutral Appraisal, which are modern mechanisms applied by experts engineers to avoid and solve disputes in construction contracts, in a shorter period, in an impartial and neutral way, in a collaborative environment by the Parties .General ArticleLuis Otavio Rosa12/03/2021Luis Otavio Rosageneralluis-otavio-rosaluis-otavio-rosa
DRBF Insights: Global claims and how DABs | webinar replayVideos06/11/2021youtu.be/08lrutgwhfUvideos
DRBF Connections: “Why a 3 member DB is better than 1? Or isn’t it?”Free webinar series – 20 May 2021 Videos05/20/2021DRBF Connections, Webinaryoutu.be/aKCRZX8bezgvideosdrbf-connections webinar
DRBF Insights: Renewables and DBsFree webinar series – 13 May 2021 Videos05/18/2021Renewables and DBs, Webinaryoutu.be/FDiagXiNmBUvideosrenewables-and-dbs webinar
CMAA Focus21 Session: Integrating Dispute Boards for Successful Contract Management (Video Link)Panel discussion at the CMAA Focus21 Conference presenting DBs for Contract Management. Includes discussion of case history for Sound Transit and Dallas Area Rapid Transit.VideosDiane Gollhofer, Elizabeth Tippin, Joseph Gildner04/15/2021CMAA Focus21, Contract Management, Presentationsyoutu.be/QRZqo2L7_vAvideoscmaa-focus21 contract-management presentationsdiane-gollhofer elizabeth-tippin joe-gildner
DBs in the Tunnelling Industry | 8 April 2021 Replay VideoFree Online seminar on DBs in the Tunnellng Industry | replay video VideosEugenio Zoppis, Matthias Neuenschwander, Nicholas Gould04/09/2021DBs in the Tunnelling Industry, Webinaryoutu.be/WQjLoHBNddIvideosdbs-in-the-tunnelling-industry webinareugenio-zoppis matthias-neuenschwander nicholas-gould
DRBF Connections: Ireland – An introduction to Dispute Boards, In theory and in practiceVideo recording form DRBF Connections: Ireland Event – 4 March 2021 Videos03/05/2021DRBF Connections, Ireland, Webinaryoutu.be/iwW1sUDUn3cvideosdrbf-connections ireland webinar
Best Practices for Virtual PresentersPresentationsAnn Russo03/04/2021presentationsann-russo
DRBF Model DRB Specification (Rev. 19.02.21)Model documents prepared by Region 1 primarily for application in US and CanadaModel DocumentsDRBF02/22/2021DRBF Manualmodel-documentsdrbf-manualdrbf-author
DRBF Model DRB Rider for Virtual Proceedings (Rev. 19.02.21)Model documents prepared by Region 1 primarily for application in US and CanadaModel DocumentsDRBF02/22/2021DRBF Manualmodel-documentsdrbf-manualdrbf-author
DRBF Model DRB Agreement (Rev. 19.02.21)Model documents prepared by Region 1 primarily for application in US and CanadaModel DocumentsDRBF02/22/2021DRBF Manualmodel-documentsdrbf-manualdrbf-author
DRBF Model DRA Specification (Rev. 19.02.21)Model documents prepared by Region 1 primarily for application in US and CanadaModel DocumentsDRBF02/22/2021DRBF Manualmodel-documentsdrbf-manualdrbf-author
DRBF Model DRA Rider for Virtual Proceedings (Rev. 19.02.21)Model documents prepared by Region 1 primarily for application in US and CanadaModel DocumentsDRBF02/22/2021DRBF Manualmodel-documentsdrbf-manualdrbf-author
Law and Justice Development Week 2013 | PPP PresentationsGiovanni Di Folco – Techno Engineering & Associates, Kurt Dettman – Dispute Resolution Board Foundation, Cyril Chern, Dispute Board Federation: Dispute Boards in Practice, Panel Discussion: Use of Dispute Boards in PPP TransactionsPresentations, VideosCyril Chern, Giovanni Di Folco, Kurt L. Dettman01/27/2021Public Private Partnership/PPP/P3vimeo.com/user25707705presentations videosppp-p3cyril-chern giovanni-di-folco kurt-dettman
DRBF / ISTAC : Dispute Boards, Conducting the Process in the New Normal after Covid – 19partnered webinar with ISTAC VideosBasar Sahin, Dr. Ziya Akıncı, Lindy Patterson, Sam Whitehouse, Yasemin Çetinel01/26/2021ISTAC, Webinaryoutu.be/LVKKVBWebAovideosistac webinarbasar-sahin dr-ziya-akinci lindy-patterson sam-whitehouse yasemin-cetinel
What Can We Do to Make the DRB Work for Us? (Web Link)Peckar & Abramson Construction Disputes Webinar – January 13, 2021VideosAdrian Bastianelli, Elizabeth Tippin, Gerard J. Onorata, Mike Aparicio01/18/2021Construction Disputes, Peckar & Abramson, Webinarvimeo.com/500882859videosconstruction-disputes peckar-abramson webinaradrian-bastianelli elizabeth-tippin gerard-j-onorata mike-aparicio
Checklist for Dispute Board Members in Preparation for Virtual Dispute Board ProceedingsCoronavirus/COVID-19DRBF07/31/2020coronavirus-covid-19drbf-author
Best Practice Guidelines for Virtual Dispute Board ProceedingsThe DRBF is grateful for the contribution of lead developers Jeremy Glover, Leo Grutters, and Ann Russo and contributors Bill Barton, Kurt Dettman, Giovanni di Folco, Graham Easton, Ron Finlay, Andy Griffiths, Hal McKittrick, Giorgiana Tecuci, Anton van Langelaar, and John Westland.Coronavirus/COVID-19DRBF07/31/2020coronavirus-covid-19drbf-author
Manual “How To” GuideManualDRBF04/24/2020DRBF Manualmanualdrbf-manualdrbf-author
The DRBF Code of Ethical ConductPublished March 2018 Governance, ManualDRBF03/21/2018DRBF Manualgovernance manualdrbf-manualdrbf-author
Project Database through April 2017Uploaded Feb. 2018Project DatabaseDRBF02/23/2018project-databasedrbf-author
Some Experiences of an International Contractor with Disputes in Southeast Europeby Wolfgang WiesnerGeneral ArticleWolfgang Wiesner02/22/2016generalwolfgang-wiesner
Chinese Contractors in Africaby Shenying Peng (Sino Hydro)General ArticleShenying Peng02/22/2016Africa, Chinageneralafrica chinashenying-peng
History of DBs DABs and DRBsHistory of Dbs, DABs, DRBs General ArticleGwyn Owen02/22/2016Historygeneralhistorygwyn-owen
Infrastructure Project Disputes and the World Bank Groupby Moseley, MGeneral ArticleMark Moseley02/22/2016World Bankgeneralworld-bankmark-moseley
Dispute Resolution in MCC Funded Works Contractby Moran, EllenGeneral ArticleEllen Moran02/22/2016MCC/Millennium Challenge Corporationgeneralmccellen-moran
Dispute Resolution in Africa Challenges and Optionsby Karangi, StephenGeneral ArticleStephen Karangi02/22/2016Africageneralafricastephen-karangi
Constructive Acceleration, England, France, Germany, USA & other countriesby Hoek, G-SGeneral ArticleGötz-Sebastian Hök02/22/2016generalgotz-sebastian-hok
Mechanics of a Dispute Board Operation, Decisions or Recommendations, and thereafterby Gould, NicholasGeneral ArticleNicholas Gould02/22/2016generalnicholas-gould
Measures an adjudicator can take to protect against liabilityby Glover, JeremyGeneral ArticleJeremy Glover02/22/2016Adjudicationgeneraladjudicationjeremy-glover
Initiatives for Better Resolution in Dispute Board Referralsby Genton, Pierre MGeneral ArticlePierre M. Genton02/22/2016Referralsgeneralreferralspierre-m-genton
Dispute Avoidance and Alternative Dispute Resolution in Francophone Africa and the Future of Dispute Boardsby Marc Frilet General Article02/22/2016ADR, Africageneraladr africa
FIDIC’s contribution to Dispute Boardsby, Peter H.J. ChapmanGeneral ArticlePeter H.J. Chapman02/22/2016FIDICgeneralfidicpeter-h-j-chapman
Adjudicator Immunity in a Civil Law Countryby Buchman, louis B.General ArticleLouis Buchmann02/22/2016Adjudication, Civil lawgeneraladjudication civil-lawlouis-buchmann
London 2012- Avoiding Acrimony A client’s perspectiveby Bryant, MarcGeneral ArticleMarc Bryant02/22/2016generalmarc-bryant
Wording outside FIDIC Clause 20 that promotes compliance with DAB decisionsby Brown, Clyde & Co.General ArticleClyde & Co.02/22/2016FIDICgeneralfidicclyde-co
Update on African Development Bank and Dispute Resolutionby Benbarka AhmedGeneral Article02/22/2016general
Enel’s perspective on DRBsby Marcenaro E02/22/2016
THE CIArb DISPUTE BOARD RULESby Lockwood C & Gould NGeneral Article02/22/2016general
DABs in Bulgaria – An Engineer’s Perspectiveby Kerry RGeneral Article02/22/2016general
OVER-RULED!by Jaynes GGeneral Article02/22/2016general
ICC Dispute Board Rulesby ICCGeneral Article02/22/2016general
The DAB Adjudication: Deciding Disputes by Properly Balancing Contract and Governing Lawby Hughes A, QCGeneral Article02/22/2016general
The Involvement of Financing Institutionsby Hoek G-SGeneral Article02/22/2016general
2014 Chartered Institute of Arbitrators Dispute Board Rulesby Nicholas GouldGeneral ArticleNicholas Gould02/22/2016Dispute Board Rulesgeneraldispute-board-rulesnicholas-gould
Deciding Disputes by Properly Balancing Contract and Governing Lawby Paul-A. GélinasGeneral ArticlePaul-A. Gélinas02/22/2016generalpaul-a-gelinas
Dispute Board Program for the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Gamesby Augusto FigueiredoGeneral ArticleAugusto Figueiredo02/22/2016Olympicsgeneralolympicsaugusto-figueiredo
FIDIC Red Book DAB rulesby FIDICGeneral Article02/22/2016DAB, FIDIC Red Bookgeneraldab fidic-red-book
FIDIC’s Dispute Adjudication Board Rules in the context of Gordon L. Jaynes’ paper “Over-Ruled”by Siobhan FaheyGeneral ArticleSiobhan Fahey02/22/2016Adjudication, FIDICgeneraladjudication fidicsiobhan-fahey
The European Investment Bankby Michiel EngelaarGeneral ArticleMichiel Engelaar02/22/2016generalmichiel-engelaar
A FIDIC Contract and Legal Dilemma.by Giovanni Di FolcoGeneral ArticleGiovanni Di Folco02/22/2016DAB, FIDICgeneraldab fidicgiovanni-di-folco
Summary of the United States’ Associated General Contractors ConsensusDocs DRB Addendum and Three-Party Agreementby Kurt L. Dettman General ArticleKurt L. Dettman02/22/2016ConsensusDocsgeneralconsensusdocskurt-dettman
The Involvement of Financing Institutionsby Angelo ColomboGeneral ArticleAngelo Colombo02/22/2016generalangelo-colombo
The UK Experienceby Peter Collie General ArticlePeter Collie02/22/2016UKgeneralukpeter-collie
DISPUTE BOARDS IN TURKEY – Legal Framework & Practiceby Yasemin ÇetinelGeneral ArticleYasemin Çetinel02/22/2016generalyasemin-cetinel
Classification as the way to resolve disputes in the maritime fieldby Roberto CazzuloGeneral Article02/22/2016Maritime Disputesgeneralmaritime-disputes
Institute for the Promotion of Arbitration and Mediation in the Mediterraneanby Stefano AzzaliGeneral ArticleStefano Azzali02/22/2016Arbitrationgeneralarbitrationstefano-azzali
Sydney Advanced Training Workshop – DRBF Code of EthicsTraining/Workshops02/22/2016Ethicstraining-workshopsethics
Sydney Advanced Training Workshop: Session 6 – Feesby Ron FinlayTraining/WorkshopsRonald Finlay02/22/2016training-workshopsron-finlay
Sydney Advanced Training Workshop – SAA DAB Process OutlineTraining/Workshops02/22/2016DABtraining-workshopsdab
DRBF R3 ConstitutionGovernance02/22/2016Region 3governanceregion-3
The old rule, the true rule and contract administration notices in constructionby Andrew MewingGeneral Article02/22/2016general
DRBs – What Can go Wrong? Prevention of Problemsby Dr Cyril ChernGeneral Article02/22/2016general
DRB Tripartite Agreement issuesby DRBA training committeeGeneral Article02/22/2016general
The use of Dispute Resolution boards and their expansion beyond Construction Mattersby Advisory Committee on Alternative Dispute Resolution, Law Council of AustraliaGeneral Article02/22/2016general
The Benefit/Cost equation for Dispute boards – Australian Experienceby Graeme Peck General ArticleGraeme Peck02/22/2016Australia, Costgeneralaustralia costgraeme-peck
World bank experience with PPPs – summaryby Mark MoseleyGeneral ArticleMark Moseley02/22/2016Public Private Partnership/PPP/P3, World Bankgeneralppp-p3 world-bankmark-moseley
Scope for Improvement 2006by Blake Dawson WaldronGeneral ArticleBlake Dawson Waldron02/22/2016generalblake-dawson-waldron
Roads and Maritime Services Forward Work Plan Roadmap, RMS 320by Roads and Maritime ServicesPresentations02/22/2016Maritime Disputes, Roadspresentationsmaritime-disputes roads
Ideas for Optimizing the DB Process in a Civil Law Jurisdiction like Brazilby Julio Cesar BuenoGeneral ArticleJúlio César Bueno02/22/2016Brazil, Civil lawgeneralbrazil civil-lawjulio-cesar-bueno
DRB Extract of Sydney MWS&DB 1987 contract for Ocean Outfallsby MWS&DBGeneral ArticleMWS&DB02/22/2016generalmwsdb
Enforcement of Dispute Board decisions in Central and Eastern Europeby Dr Erhard BohmPresentationsDr Erhard Bohm02/22/2016presentationsdr-erhard-bohm
Ross River Dam – Dispute Resolution Boardby Ian BriggsPresentationsIan Briggs02/22/2016presentationsian-briggs
Dispute Boards – Good News and Bad news: the 2005 Harmonised GCCs by the MDBs and FIDICby Gordon L JaynesGeneral ArticleGordon L. Jaynes02/22/2016generalgordon-l-jaynes
Current proposals for Further Introduction of Dispute Boards within Construction Industry in Romaniaby TE AssociatesGeneral Article02/22/2016general
President’s report – Dec 2014by D JonesGovernance02/22/2016governance
Current Issues with FIDIC Dispute Adjudication Boardsby Julian BaileyGeneral ArticleJulian Bailey02/22/2016Adjudication, FIDICgeneraladjudication fidicjulian-bailey
President’s report September 2008by Graeme PeckGovernanceGraeme Peck02/22/2016governancegraeme-peck
President’s report September 2009by Graeme PeckGovernanceGraeme Peck02/22/2016governancegraeme-peck
President’s report November 2005by Graeme PeckGovernance02/22/2016governance
President’s Report November 2013by D JonesGovernance02/22/2016governance
Admissibility of Non-Binding Written Dispute Board Recommendationsby Mastin, D. B.General Article02/22/2016general
JCA’s efforts for promotion of the use of dispute boards (“DB”) in the Asian regionby Omoto, T.General Article02/22/2016general
In the Asia/Pacific Region, “Quo vadis” Dispute Boards?by Jaynes, G. L.General Article02/22/2016general
The Future of Dispute Boards in Australia and New Zealandby Easton, G. R.General Article02/22/2016general
Recent Experience with DRBs Australasia – Sydney’s Desalination Plant, Sydney’s South-West Rail Link Projectby Golvan, G. H.02/22/2016
DAB Use of Experts and Time Limits under the FIDIC Rules: A Case Histroyby Apuhn, R.General Article02/22/2016general
Recent Experiences with Dispute Boards – James J Audubon Bridge Project – Case Study in Dispute Avoidance Approachby McKittrick, H.General Article02/22/2016general
Statutory Adjudication v DRBsby Butera, G.02/22/2016
Dispute Boards – Is there a role for lawyers?by Ong, B. and Gerber, P.02/22/2016
Legal Issues in Dispute Boards – Some Comparisons with Arbitrationby Regan, R., Rippon, J. and Sharma, S.02/22/2016
The FIDIC Experience with Dispute Boardsby Nadar, A.General Article02/22/2016general
Dispute Boards in FIDIC Contractsby French, G.General Article02/22/2016general
DRBs In Alliance Projectsby Ron FinlayGeneral ArticleRonald Finlay02/22/2016Alliance, Australiageneralalliance australiaron-finlay
Scope for Improvement _ 2014by AshurstGeneral ArticleAshurst02/22/2016generalashurst
Scope for Improvement_2011by Blake DawsonGeneral ArticleBlake Dawson Waldron02/22/2016generalblake-dawson-waldron
Rethinking Construction: report of the Construction task force (Egan Report)by Sir John EganGeneral ArticleJohn Egan02/22/2016Constructiongeneralconstructionjohn-egan
Dispute Boards and Construction Contractsby George Golvan QCGeneral ArticleGeorge Golvan QC02/22/2016Constructiongeneralconstructiongeorge-golvan-qc
Guide to Leading Practice for Dispute Avoidance & Resolutionby CRC Construction InnovationGeneral ArticleCRC Construction Innovation02/22/2016generalcrc-construction-innovation
The East Side Access Project – Changing the Paradigm for Disputesby Kathleen M.J. HarmonGeneral ArticleKathleen M.J. Harmon02/22/2016generalkathleen-m-j-harmon
The DRB Landscape in Chinaby Hongwei ZhaoGeneral ArticleHongwei Zhao02/22/2016Chinageneralchinahongwei-zhao
The Boston Federal Courthouse: Could This Be a Model for DRBs in Building Constructionby Blasdel ReardonGeneral ArticleBlasdel Reardon02/22/2016Constructiongeneralconstructionblasdel-reardon
Revisiting the Central Artery / Tunnel Project’s Implementation of the DRB Processby S. Tonlinson-DykensGeneral ArticleS. Tonlinson-Dykens02/22/2016Central Artery, Tunnelgeneralcentral-artery tunnels-tonlinson-dykens
Dispute Boards – A new force to be reckoned with in international construction. A brief overviewby Peter HJ Chapman PresentationsPeter H.J. Chapman02/22/2016Constructionpresentationsconstructionpeter-h-j-chapman
A Development of the Dispute Resolution Board Concept for a Major Project in the UKby Peter HJ Chapman, London Olympics PresentationsPeter H.J. Chapman02/22/2016DAB, London Olympics, ODRPpresentationsdab london-olympics odrppeter-h-j-chapman
Houston Metro to adopt DRBsby Houston Metro AuthorityGeneral Article02/22/2016Houston Metro Authoritygeneralhouston-metro-authority
Dispute Boards, Expensive or Priceless?by McVeigh J, Walters K.General ArticleJ. McVeigh, K. Walters02/22/2016Cost, Minter Ellisongeneralcost minter-ellisonj-mcveigh k-walters
Controlling Costs & preventing Disputes through the use of Dispute Boardsby Cyril ChernGeneral ArticleCyril Chern02/22/2016Costgeneralcostcyril-chern
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Answers to the Moderator’s Preliminary Questionsby Necip T. TüregünGeneral Article02/22/2016general
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Cost Control in the use of DB’s “The Fair Hearing”“The Fair Hearing” by Graham Easton & Paul TaggartConferences, PresentationsGraham Easton, Paul Taggart02/22/2016DRBF 10th International Conference Istanbul Turkey 2010conferences presentationsdrbf-10th-international-conference-istanbul-turkey-2010graham-easton paul-taggart
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